Public services agency has issued 38 license plates with the inscription “PROBE”

Public services agency has already issued 38 license plates with the inscription „Probe” for the vehicles for sale, to carry out the tests-drives requested by the clients. Most requests came from car dealers in the capital. The service was launched on 1 March this year and is intended for economic entities, whose main activity is the commercialization of vehicles.

It should be mentioned, that in order to obtain the plates with the inscription "PROBE", the applicants are to submit an application accompanied by the copy of the constituent document of the company showing vehicles sale as the core activity and the copy of the document certifying the availability of a special space for the exhibition of vehicles subject to sale. The applicant shall also provide a copy of the customs document confirming the import of the vehicle, copies of the registration documents issued by foreign authorities (as appropriate), and  confirmation of payment for the requested service.

Requests for the „PROBE” plates shall be submitted at the office of the Directorate for Identification and Registration of Vehicles situated in Chisinau municipality, 28, Salcamilor Street. The Certificate of provisional registration for test-drives will be valid for one year from the date of issue and only on the territory of the Republic of Moldova. When the document expires, the applicant must return the registration plates to the issuing authority.

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