The Deputy Director of the Public Services Agency paid a working visit to Straseni

The Deputy Director of the Public Services Agency Vitalie Ciolac paid a working visit to Straseni, where construction and fitting out works are carried out to ensure the opening of the first Multifunctional Center of the Agency. After the Deputy Director inspected the working processes, he stated that everything is performed in compliance with the approved plan.

According to Vitalie Ciolac, the personnel of the Multifunctional Center in Straseni will consist of 21employees, who will be trained to provide information regarding all the areas of the Institution activity.

The fully renovated office is located in the center of Straseni. The edifice provides high-level conditions for both citizens and employees of the Agency. Currently, the networks and telecommunications systems are installed in the building. Furniture will be delivered next week.

The Multifunctional Center in Straseni will be officially opened on December 1, 2017. It will operate according to the “single window” principle, which implies one-time visit to one office.

The works for the opening of Straseni Multifunctional Center started immediately after the merger of the SE “CSIR “Registru”, Civil Status Service, State Chamber of Registration, SE „Cadastru” and Licensing Chamber. The Public Institution “Public Services Agency” started its activity on August 23, 2017. 

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