The Public Services Agency plans to open a Multifunctional Center in Ceadir-Lunga in the near future

The top management of the Public Services Agency continues to inform the citizens about the institution’s activity and reorganization of the public services system of the country. On November 21, 2017, the Deputy director of the PSA  Vitalie Ciolac participated in the TV program “ Interview of the Week” on the public TV channel of the Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauzia.

Vitalie Ciolac informed the TV viewers about the reengineering of the public services system in the Republic of Moldova, the creation of the Public Services Agency, and also explained the mode of operation of the Multifunctional Centers that the Agency is going to open in the next six months. According to him, through this reform, the Government aims to remove the bureaucratic burden from citizens and facilitate their access to qualitative public services, based on informational technologies and at reasonable prices.

The Deputy Director of the Public Services Agency noted that, in order to facilitate the process of public services provision, the archives of the five companies reorganized into the Public Services Agency will be digitized, and the employees will have access to the entire information regarding  the applicant. The process of drafting a law, by which the validity period of some identity documents will be increased from seven to ten years, is currently underway. The legislative initiative was already registered in the Parliament. „Also, we want to remove the blood group mark from the identity documents. Thus, citizens will not present the certificate and will not spend time waiting in queues for blood tests”, the Deputy Director of the PSA stated.

During the TV program the Deputy Director Vitalie Ciolac gave good news to the residents of the ATU Gagauzia. He declared that the Public Services Agency, in the near future,  plans to open a Multifunctional Center in Ceadir-Lunga, where an office has already been found. The first Multifunctional Center of the PSA will be opened next week in Straseni. It will operate according to the “single window” principle, which implies one-time visit to one office.

The TV program with the participation of the Deputy Director of the Public Services Agency Vitalie Ciolac can be viewed here: 

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