Identity documents photo requirements for applicant’s appearance

When submitting the application for the issuance of identity documents, the applicant undergoes a procedure of photographing.

In order to obtain the facial image according to the technological requirements and to ensure an adequate aesthetic aspect, it is necessary to follow a series of recommendations regarding the photos included in the identity documents:

  • small format (30x37mm). The image of the face is displayed on a white, clean background. The image of the face is displayed symmetrically vertically, the size of the head from the chin to the top should be 70-80% of the photo height, depending on the height of the hairstyle.


  • the image should be colored, clear (sufficient resolution), the eyes should be open, without a red tint. The hair should not cover the eyes or large parts of the face.


  • the photo should display the strictly frontal position of the person’s face, directly looking into the camera. The color tone of the facial image must be as close as possible to the real skin tone of the citizen’s face.


  • the head should be uncovered, with the exception of religious and medical circumstances, with the submission of confirmatory medical documents (if applicable) and written notice of the Head of the IDO (Identity Documents Offices). The photo in uniform is not allowed.



  • for people who constantly wear glasses, there are required transparent glasses while taking facial images. There are not allowed large-rimmed glasses and/or frames that cover the eyes.



  • the facial image of a child must meet the same specifications as facial image of the adults. The child should be in an upright position. However, the facial image of the child lying on a white or light colored pillow is acceptable. While taking a facial image, there shouldn’t be other persons or objects. The child’s eyes must be open and the mouth shut. For children (usually under the age of 11 years), a relatively small size of the head (up to 50% of the image).


 - The facial image does not match       - The facial image matches

If, since the issuance of the last identity document, there have occured any changes in the appearance of a person’s face, caused by surgery, including plastic surgery, traumatisms (injuries, scars), tattooing, and other changes that do not allow to identify a person with certainty, he/she must submit additional supporting medical records.

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