The PSA prevented many cases of using false identities

The Public Services Agency urges citizens not to use fraudulent methods to process the identity documents or to pass the driving license exam using false identities (physical appearance of third parties). Statistical data shows that the most frequent violations are committed by twins or siblings who are similar in appearance.

The Public Services Agency has a Facial Recognition System, which is integrated with the State Population Register. In case of detection of suspicious circumstances, the system issues a warning. If the check reveals cases of fraud, the files are handed over to the law enforcement bodies for examination in accordance with the penal legislation of the Republic of Moldova.

According to statistics, during the years 2017-2018, more than 460 suspicious cases of fraud were detected. In 270 cases, falsification of identity documents was confirmed. In over 220 cases, internal investigations have already been finalized and the documents have been passed to law enforcement authority. Also, the PSA employees have identified 55 persons who have tried to get a driving license for third parties. Following the verifications, 27 files have already been sent to the law enforcement authorities. In some cases it was established that the applicants were not in the country.

It should be mentioned, that the Public Services Agency is the legal successor of the former State Enterprise “CSIR “Registru”, which in 2017 implemented the Facial Recognition System (FRS).

Public Services Agency
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