The PSA rejected a number of requests for approval of names of companies and products due to language mistakes

In accordance with the Law No. 86 of 24.05.2018 on amendments to some legislative acts, on August 1,  2018, the Public Services Agency took over the functions of the National Centre for Terminology, as a result of which the Terminology and Linguistic Services Division was established within the institution.

The subdivision develops, drafts and approves names of legal entities (institutions, organizations, enterprises), prepares and approves texts for stamps, authorizes and edits advertising texts, authorizes product names, performs linguistic and terminological expertise of texts and coordinates the names of traffic arteries and public transport areas. However, the division is not empowered with control functions over the observance of the legislation regarding the functioning of languages ​​ spoken on the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

Currently, the most requested language services are the drafting and approval of the names of legal entities (enterprises, institutions, organizations), advertising texts editing, approval of texts for stamps. In August-November 2018, 1210 names of legal entities and 803 text for stamps were approved. As for the frequency of requests, it can be mentioned the service of advertising text editing and authorization. During the reference period 949 such services were provided. Also, 25 names of the streets were verified, drafted and approved for local public authorities during the same period.

However, many requests have been refused because of language mistakes. The most common are the absence of hyphens in compound words, use of hyphens where it is unnecessary, improper use of terms, pleonasms, writing of official names with lower-case letters, and also the use of calque or loan translations from Russian. For example: „agro-alimentar” instead of „agroalimentar”, „vice-director” instead of „vicedirector”, „soluția cea mai ideală” instead of „soluția ideală”, and so on. In advertising texts, the following mistakes have been found: „Construim cu stafide” (Russian: Строим с изюминкой), „Gingașă împărăție bătută cu frișcă”  (Russian: Нежное королевство взбитых сливок), „Ultimele sunt bune” (Russian: Остатки сладки). In the Instructions for using devices: „scoateți pielița plastică” instead of „înlăturați pelicula” and „element de încălzire josnic” instead of „element de încălzire inferior”. In the names of products: „blincuri” (блины), „coreică de porc” instead of „antricot”, „friptură cu arzător” instead of „ friptură la grătar”. A negative response was also received by the applicants for the product names: rachiu „Lacrima Basarabiei” and toilet paper „Realitatea”.

Currently, language services are provided online, the email address is: Applications may be sent personally or through multifunctional centers. The applicants from Chisinau may also address directly to the Public Services Agency on A.Puskin Street nr.47, offices 324 and 325. For more information about the services provided by the Terminology and Linguistic Services Division of the PSA, please call the following telephone numbers: 022-20-78-18, 022-20-78-08 and 022-20-78-61.

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