The Multifunctional Center in Orhei was officially opened

More than 100000 citizens from Orhei district will benefit from modern public services after the Public Services Agency opened there its new Multifunctional Center on December 14, 2018. The event was attended by the Head of the District, the representative of the territorial office of the State Chancellery and the top manageent of the PSA.

In his speech, the Deputy Director of the PSA Vitalie Ciolac specified that the Orhei Multifunctional Center will provide citizens with the services previously provided by the SE „CSIR „Registru”, Licensing Chamber, State Registration Chamber, Civil Status Service, SE „Cadastru”, as well as other services that were taken over by the Public Services Agency after the reorganization. These include permissive acts, verification and correction of advertising texts, registration and classification of tourist accommodation structures, etc. „The purpose of these centers is to bring public services closer to citizens and become more modern, of a high quality, based on information technologies”, Vitalie Ciolac added.

According to the Head of Orhei District Tudor Golub, the reforms initiated by the Government demonstrate that modern public services are not just declarations, but reality. „We heard only words of positive appreciations from the people, who applied to serveses provided by the center during the test period”, the official added. Vasile Costin, the representative of the territorial office of the State Chancellery, mentioned that the Government is drafting policies aimed at developing the economy of the republic so that the citizens of the Republic of Moldova can find their future in their country together with their families.

The Orhei Multifunctional Center is located on 47 Vasile Lupu Street. The edifice was entirely built by the Public Services Agency. 30 employees of the institution will serve the citizens in a modern office according to the one-stop-shop principle. The office will  provide more than 1000 public services, such as population registration, civil status, registration and licensing of legal entities, registration and valuation of immovable property and other services within the sphere of competence of the PSA. An automated „electronic queue” system is installed in the Orhei office just as in all the other centers. More detailed information about the servicies provided by the center the applicants can get from two operators working in the information area.

Please note that pre-registration is available for all the multifunctional centers of the PSA. Citizens can make an appointment online on the official website of the Agency or by phone: 14 909 and (+373 22) 25-70-70.

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