More PSA services available via MPay

The Public Services Agency has completed the integration of services in the fields of population registration, transport registration and drivers qualification with the Government Electronic Payment Service (MPay) in all multifunctional centers. The action concerns the execution of the Government Decision no. 280 of April 24, 2013, regarding the implementation of the Government Electronic Payment Service, in order to implement the strategic program for Governance technological modernization (e-Transformation), as well as the improvement of the quality of the PSA services.

Recently, the Public Services Agency has also launched the project for MPay payment of cadastral services in the Multifunctional Center Straseni. At the beginning of the 2019, the project will be extended to other offices, as well. In addition, the institution plans to implement the Government Electronic Payment Service for legal entities.

It should be mentioned, that via MPay public services can be paid with any payment instrument at the applicant's choice, such as: bank card, internet banking or cash. The service allows to verify the online bank transactions data, which allows the applicants not to waste their time in the PSA offices in order to submit the payment notes.

During 2018, more than 1 342 900 transactions were made in order to pay the services provided by PSA via the Mpay government service.

Public Services Agency
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