The legal entities from the Chisinau municipality can request more than five services simultaneously in the field of real estate on the basis of the preliminary registration at the MC Chisinau 3

The Public Services Agency announces the legal entities from the Chisinau municipality, which request more than five services in the field of real estate, that they will receive the services on the basis of preliminary registration at the Multifunctional Center Chisinau 3 on 17, Mihail Sadoveanu Street. The preliminary registration can be done on the Agency’s web-site, by phone at 022-30-9779, 022-30-9780, 022-30-9781 or via the Call Center at 14909.

For electronic registration, the steps to follow are simple. After you click on the Register now button on the official website of the Institution, go to the Cadastral Services subdivision, where you can find the service: Legal entities. Registration of real estate. After completing the procedure of filling in the required fields: the date, time and confirmation of the visit, you will be expected in Chisinau 3 office at the indicated time so that you can use the selected service.

The pre-registration for the services provided by the Agency is free of charge. This fact provides priority access to the PSA services.


Public Services Agency
Chisinau mun., 42 Aleksandr Pushkin Street