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New provisions on the driving license examination

The Public Services Agency announces that starting April 1, 2019 the candidates will be admitted  to the theoretical or practical examinations for obtaining a driving license only on the basis of prior registration. The candidate  may  only be registered for the theoretical test after completing the appropriate training courses provided by   the driving schools and for the practical test after  getting the qualification mark „accepted” when passing the theoretical test.

In order to increase the examination capacity of the competent territorial subdivisions the PSA has increased the number of sessions for both tests, as well as  the number of persons  to  be examined within one day. At the same time, the number of places for registration on an expedited basis has been increased. The measures to be taken will contribute to streamline the evaluation process.

Candidates can benefit from „The pre-registration for the driver’s license examination” Service directly at the territorial subdivision, by accessing the Agency’s website www.asp.gov.md, by phone at the contact numbers displayed in the „Useful Information/Territorial Subdivisions” section or via Call Center at the phone number 14909. The registration is valid for a period of three months. The registration shall be void in case if the person is not present at the established time and date, therefore a new registration shall be required.

The registrations on an expedited basis for theoretical and practical tests within the Driver’s Qualification Division  in Chisinau municipality are made exclusively online. In all the other competent territorial subdivisions the candidates may register by telephone or directly in the office. The maximum period of registration on an expedited basis for the exam should not exceed three working days, starting from the day after the registration.

Please note that according to  the amendments to the „Regulation on the driving license, the organization and conduct of the driving license examination and the conditions of admission to road traffic” the qualification mark  „admitted” for the theoretical test is valid for one year.

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