The PSA and PPA signed the cooperation agreement on delimitation and registration of public lands

On May 8, 2019, at the head office of the Public Services Agency (PSA) it was held the launch event regarding the preparatory activities for the works of delimitation of the state-owned immovable property.

The director of the Public Services Agency Mr. Sergiu Railean, and the General Director of the Public Property Agency (PPA) Mr. Vladimir Baldovici signed the cooperation agreement between the two institutions on carrying out the activities of delimitation and registration of public property. The action was taken in accordance with the State Program for the Delimitation of Public Property approved by the Government of the Republic of Moldova in February 2019 and financed from the funds allocated for the implementation of the Land Registration and Property Valuation Project.

Please note that during the next five years the Public Services Agency in partnership with the Public Property Agency and the local public authorities will ensure the implementation of the second stage of the creation of the national cadastre. Thus, more than one million immovable property units will be measured and registered, of which about 350 thousand are land and buildings publicly owned by the State and local public authorities that have not been included into the national cadastre system.

According to the Project Implementation Program, by the end of this year works will be launched in at least six districts of the country: Ocnita, Edinet, Donduseni, Briceni, Soroca, and Floresti. The direct beneficiaries of the works are not only the local public authorities, but also the inhabitants of the 120 rural localities of these administrative-territorial units, who, as a result of the implementation of the Project, will register their real estate ownership. The procedure for immovable property registration will be free of charge.  

The project implemented by the Public Services Agency aims at completing the registration of all immovable properties in the Republic of Moldova. At present, more than 30 percent of the real estate in the country is not recorded in the Register of Immovable Property.

The Financing Agreement on the Land Registration and Property Valuation Project amounting to EUR 30.1 million was signed by the Government of the Republic of Moldova and the International Development Association (part of the World Bank Group) on September 17, 2018.

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