Actions taken by the PSA in response to the open letter of a young man, who failed the practical driving test

The Public Services Agency  gives some clarifications  regarding the open letter published on website, which became widespread in the online environment.

First, it should be mentioned that in order to ensure a transparent and objective examination process the theoretical and practical tests are subject to a strict video and audio surveillance . In addition, the Agency’s vehicles used for the driving test are equipped with a GPS system, which allows to identify the location of the vehicle at any time.

Following the analysis of the video-recorded  driving tests passed on March 5, 2019 and  May 18, 2019, the created examining board came to a conclusion that the examiners and the candidate Anatol Fornea had a  calm, fair and respectful attitude towards each other.

The examiner made the relevant presentations and informed the candidate about the process and the examination itinerary, and initiated the preliminary driving test. Several violations of traffic rules were identified during the examination, and after the driving test was over  the  candidate was informed about the result of the assessment and the reasons for the penalties applied during the test.

Neither at the time of the assessment, nor within the period specified for appeals, the candidate had no objections towards the test results and did not submit any petition in this respect. After the investigation of  his performance, the qualification mark „Rejected” corresponds to the rating scale according to the accumulated points.

To  provide a clear picture of the case the PSA publishes the video recording of the practical exam and urges the future drivers to pay more attention to the theoretical training and exercise to improve their driving skills. These determin not only the result obtained at the exam, but also the road safety.

 The Agency  takes all necessary measures to improve the system of conducting the exams and issuing driving licenses. To reduce the influence of the human factor the theoretical test is fully computerized, and the itineraries  for the practical driving tests are randomly selected by an automated system. Most of the vehicles used  for practical examination were put in commission in 2017. Now we are in the process of purchasing other new cars for practical examinations. The pre-registration is available on the institution’s website, so that any candidate can select a convenient time and date for the examination.

Meanwhile, a test run was introduced in order to give candidates the opportunity to accommodate themselves to technical characteristics of the vehicle used for the driving test. The vehicle pedals have been equipped with sensors and indicator light for signalling when they are accessed by examiners, and the video surveillance system records each examiner’s intervention.

At the same time, the procedure for appealing against the results of the exam for obtaining a driving license was revised. The current procedure also includes the possibility to change the qualification mark  “Rejected” to “Admitted”, if the fact of incorrect assessment is established.

Last year the number of examinations reached a total  of 202 067, 89 548 of which  were theoretical tests and 112 519  practical tests. Statistical data shows that nearly 80 percent of candidates have passed the theoretical exam and 54 percent have passed the driving test. So far the number of applications to contest the examination results is 172, which represents 0,08 percent of the total number of the results.

Public Services Agency
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