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The two-year anniversary of the Public Institution „Public Services Agency"

Dear Colleagues!

The Public Institution „Public Services Agency” celebrates two years since its fondation!

It was a fruitful period of time when we joined our forces and combined our efforts to ensure the provision of quality services in the areas of the Agency’s competence.

In this short period we have succeeded in establishing a network of multifunctional centers, where the citizens of the Republic of Moldova are offered services, which are provided at the highest standards and concentrated in a single office.

All the successes of the Agency, as well as future plans, are directly related to the competence, dedication and devotion of its employees. The professionalism of the whole team, the honesty and the commitment to the interests of the citizens, and the application of modern services contribute to permanently maintain the reputation and the positive image of the Institution.

I congratulate the employees of the Public Services Agency and wish everyone great success! I firmly believe that you will remain as motivated and committed to the values ​​and fundamentals of quality services for a sustainable society!

Vitalie CIOLAC,

Deputy Director of the Public Services Agency

Public Services Agency
Chisinau mun., 42 Aleksandr Pushkin Street