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Access of mass-media institutions to the information from the state information resources held by the Public Services Agency

A working session on the topic: „Access of media institutions to the public interest information from the state information resources held by the Public Services Agency” took place on September 05, 2019, at the main office of the Public Services Agency (PSA).

The meeting organized by the PSA was attended by Mr. Andrei Spinu, Head of the State Chancellery of the Government of the Republic of Moldova, representatives of the National Center for Personal Data Protection of the Republic of Moldova, the Electronic Governance Agency of the Republic of Moldova, and mass-media representatives.

The participants of the meeting discussed the problems related to the access of mass-media to the information contained in the information resources held by the Agency, as well as the identified solutions to improve the existing mechanisms providing media institutions with the access to public data:

  • free of charge provision of information from the state registers to the media institutions,
  • expanded data set from the State Register of Legal Entities regarding registered enterprises and non-commercial organizations,
  • simplified eligibility criteria for the media institutions that will benefit from specific conditions, for which only the confirmation of the status of media institution, registration with the relevant Center as a personal data operator, and specification of the reason and purpose of access to personal data.

The proposed actions imply the amendment of the legislation in force (Law no. 220/2007 (on the state registration of legal persons and individual entrepreneurs) and Law no.1543/1998 (Cadastre of real estate). All the mentioned actions have been planned and are to be carried out in compliance with the established and coordinated with the State Chancellery procedure up to November 1, 2019.

Taking into account the period for implementing the planned actions, and in order to ensure the access to the information of public interest for journalistic purposes, it was decided that the connections of the media representatives to the state information resources of the PSA will be temporarily restored (until the amendments to the legislation in force are made) according to the previously concluded contracts.

Currently, any natural or legal person, including the media institution, has the possibility to access the public data from different information sources held by the Agency, in particular:

  1. data from the Register of real estate (may be viewed on the official page of the Agency by accessing the link http://asp.gov.md , section: Services – Real estate – Access to the Central Data Bank).
  2. statistical data from the State Register of Population, State Register of Legal Entities, State Register of Vehicle Drivers, State Register of Transport, Cadastre of Real Estate (available on page http://asp.gov.md , section: Useful information - Statistical data).
  3. data from the State Register of  Legal Entities regarding the registered enterprises (available on the government open data portal http://date.gov.md). The access to the portal allows the following data to be obtained: IDNO/Fiscal code, registration date, full name, legal organizational form, address, list of directors, status.


The PSA provides authorized access to data contained in the state resources via the ISS “Web Access” to 494 legal entities: 4490 users, and via the Central Data Bank of the real estate cadastre - to 7773 users.

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