Registration of imported vehicles

Registration of imported vehicles

  • 400 MDL – identification of a vehicle in the registration process (verification of the vehicle’s identifying number, of the aggregate and the authenticity of the accompanying documents)
  • 320 MDL - registration certificate (within 30 days);
  • 80 MDL – provisional registration certificate;
  • 480 MDL - registration number plates of a vehicle;  (270 MDL - license plate on a motorcycle; 270 MDL - license plate on a trailer)
  • 50 MDL - the social support fund of the population (as the case may be).

Note: Road taxes are calculated for each vehicle individually.

General information:

Vehicles imported into the Republic of Moldova are registered on behalf of the natural and legal persons in whose name customs documents have been issued.

These restrictions do not apply to:

  • vehicles imported by economic agents whose activity type is the commercialization of vehicles;
  • vehicles imported by natural persons and transmitted to spouses, children and parents or companies whose founders they are.                                                                    

Registration of the imported vehicles is based of the following documents:                                                                                   

  • the applicant's request;
  • the document confirming the applicant's ownership of the vehicle or trailer, in original and copies;
  • the identity document of the applicant, in original;
  • evidence of periodic technical inspection, within its term of validity and confirmation of paying of road tax;
  • a copy of the compulsory civil liability insurance document for damages caused by vehicles, during its term of validity;
  • the customs document confirming the definitive or temporary import for temporary registration, in the case of vehicles and trailers imported into the Republic of Moldova, (in original and copies);
  • confirmation of paying the tariffs established by the competent authority for the provided services;
  • power of attorney (if necessary);
  • vehicle identification report (RIV);
  • confirmation of the additional mandatory fee provided for by the Law on the Republican and Local Funds for Social Support of the Population No. 827-XIV of February 18, 2000 (if necessary).

If a vehicle that was previously registered in another state and which is registered for the first time in the Republic of Moldova, the applicant must also submit, in addition to the documents mentioned above, also,the registration documents issued by foreign authorities, and if necessary, the registration number plates.

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