Registration/removal of restrictions on legal competencies over vehicles

Registration/removal of restrictions on legal competencies over vehicles

According to the Order of the general director of the SE SIRC „Registru” no. 347, from 11.08.2015, “on approval of the Instruction for registration and cancellation of restrictions on powers over the means of transport”, the basis for registration of the restrictions are:

  • Restrictions based on the conclusions of the insolvency court: (Insolvency Law no.149 of 29.06.2012) ;
  • Arrest, restrictions based on the decision of the criminal prosecution body, with the authorization of the criminal prosecution judge or, as the case may be, the conclusion of the court (Articles 205-207 of the Code of Criminal Procedure no. 122 of 14.03.2003);
  • Restrictions based on a dispute - restrictions according to GD no. 1047 of 08.11.1999 ((h) Part 29 (h) of Contour E - Evidence of restrictions on powers);
  • Cancellation of power of attorney by statutory declaration;
  • Pledge - confirmation of a notary about registration/ cancellation of a pledge (Law on pledge no.449 of 30.07.2001, with subsequent amendments, GD no.210 of 26.02.2016, and Appendix no.1Regulation ,,on the maintenance of the Register of pledges);
  • Information received from the Customs Service with an attached order and protocol;
  • Confirmation from the State Tax Service (Article 21 of Tax Code Part V (tax administration) no.407 of 26.07.2001, in accordance with the decision of the tax authority);
  • Restrictions based on the conclusions of a bailiff (Executive Code of the Republic of Moldova No. 443-XV of 12.24.2004, amended and supplemented by Law No. 143 of 02.07.2010);
  • Written request from the owner or co-owner.

Thus, the listed documents/applications must be sent in original by the issuing authorities or submitted by the vehicle owners to the Directorate of Vehicle Identification and Registration, located in Chisinau municipality, Salcamilor 28 Street, of. 121, for the procedure of registration or cancellation of the restrictions.

Also, we inform you that, according to the Order of the SE “SIRC “Registru” no. 407 of 08.25.2016, vehicle owners can receive a certificate of registration/lack of restrictions by paying a tariff which varies from 90 to 1480 MDL, depending on the deadline of service provision and the quantity of vehicles in possession.

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