Driving license and provisional driving license of new model 2019

Starting January 1, 2020, the driving license of the Republic of Moldova of the model 2019 and the provisional driving license of the model 2019 is implemented and by the Government Decision no.388/2019 is approved.

In the driving licenses of new model the field “Blood group” is not provided. But in the driving licenses of model 2015 as a provisional measure, the data on the blood group were replaced with the “<” sign, which means the lack of data in the relevant data field. These changes were made under the changes in the legislation in force from 2018 - starting with 10.10.2018, the “Blood group” data were excluded.

Another amendment provides for the registration in the national driving license of the Republic of Moldova of the model 2019, as well as in the provisional driving license for the model 2019 of the AM sub-category (moped). These changes were made within the national regulatory framework on the proposal of the Center for Harmonization of the Legislation of the State Chancellery of the Republic of Moldova, in order to comply the driving license to the requirements of the European Union. Thus, moped owners will also need a driving license.

When issuing driving licenses of model 2019, if the person has the right to drive vehicles from the basic category, in the license will be added the vehicle’s subcategory, provided that according to the presented medical certificate of the driver and the candidate for obtaining the driving license (F-083/e), the relevant person will be physically and mentally qualified to drive vehicles from the subcategory to be registered in the license based on the highest category held.

In conclusion, the national driving license of model 2019 represents a polycarbonate card, with laser engraving, of the ID-1 format, from which the data field no. 14 “Blood group” is excluded, but instead two other fields are reserved: 13 and 14 for some eventual entries by the issuing authority. On the reverse side, in the table of driving categories, the subcategory AM (moped) is included.

It is worth mentioning that during 2019, 74 258 national driving licenses of the model 2015 were issued.

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