Participation of the PSA executive board in the meeting, convened by the Prime Minister, regarding the process of obtaining driving licenses

On January 24, 2020 the Director of the Public Services Agency Mrs. Tatiana Cunetchi attended the meeting convened by Prime Minister Ion Chicu. The meeting was focused on the aspects of improving the process of obtaining the driving licenses.

The Director of the PSA Mrs. Tatiana Cunetchi informed the Head of the Executive about the actions taken to optimize the mechanism of registration for the exams in order to obtain the driving license. To streamline the preliminary registration queue  the examinating subdivisions were additionally equipped with specialized vehicles and, correspondingly, the number of examiners increased. In order to solve the problem many other actions have been carried out to create efficient conditions for serving the population  to pass the driver qualification tests. The taken measures determined the simplification of registration and the reduction of  waiting time from 2,5 to 1,3 months, the efficiency ratio being 50%.

Mr. Ion Chicu called for the legal framework to be revised in the event of loss of driving license, which currently  provides to repeatedly pass all the stages of obtaining the document. The prime minister emphasized the need to cancel the medical examination for reissuing a driving license.

At the same time, the Prime Minister called for the revision of the normative acts to simplify the process of exchanging old type driving licenses and  continue the short and long term measures to make the mechanisms for obtaining the driving licenses more efficient. It is worth mentioning that the legislation in force of the Republic of Moldova does not oblige drivers to exchange their old type driving licenses, but these do not comply with the EU Directives, thus drivers encounter problems outside the country.

The Public Services Agency mentions that the expedited registration for driving license exams is available exclusively on the official website of the institution An ordinary registration can be made   on the website of the Public Services Agency, by telephone dialing the contact numbers of the territorial subdivisions for vehicles registration and drivers qualification or 14909 (Call-Center).


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