To the attention of persons, who request pre-registration at the competent territorial subdivisions of the Public Services Agency to pass the exam for obtaining a driving license

The Public Services Agency  provides clarifications regarding multiple detected cases of fraudulent pre-registration via third partiesfor the practical test of the exam for obtaining a driving license  and some recommendations to the applicants for these services.

During an internal investigation conducted within the Public Services Agency in July 2019 there were detected numerous cases of fraudulent pre-registration of candidates for the practical test for obtaining a driving license made  by third parties  at a charge via applications , such as “Telegram”, “WhatsApp” and other social networks. In regard thereto, the Public Services Agency has notified the competent law bodies and has taken a series of measures intended to ensure a transparent and qualitative process of providing services of pre-registration and admission to the driving license test.  

Currently, these cases are being investigated by law enforcement bodies. At the same time, the Public Services Agency recommends that the persons applying for pre-registration to pass the driving license exams, both  on ordinary and expedited  basis, should avoid proposals regarding pre-registration for the driving license exams suggested by third parties in any form, for which advanced payment is required. Also, personal data, such as IDNP (the identification number of a natural person), the number and series of the identity documents, including copies of the certificates of the driving school graduation and of the identity documents are required to be sent via the applications, such as “Telegram”, “WhatsApp”, “Viber”, etc.

It should be mentioned that the service of pre-registration for the exam, both on ordinary and expedited basis, is provided by the Public Services Agency free of charge.  Furthermore, the fee paid in such cases during the process of admission to the driving license exam, when filing the relevant application , represents the tariff for the provision of the service of conducting the exam both on ordinary and expedited basis.

The Public Services Agency mentions that the expedited pre-registration for the driving license exams is available exclusively on the official website of the institution An ordinary registration can be made on the Agency’s web page, by telephone dialing the contact numbers of the territorial subdivisions for vehicles registration and drivers qualification or 14909 (Call-Center).

Please note that the disclosure of your personal data to the fraudsters  can entail serious consequences as a result of their use for criminal purposes.

For additional information please contact the Call-center at 14-909, (+373) 022-25-70-70 or visit the website of the Public Institution “Public Services Agency”:

Public Services Agency
Chisinau mun., 42 Aleksandr Pushkin Street