Activities carried out by the Public Services Agency to reduce the risks of corruption in the process of obtaining a driving license

In the context of carrying out the tasks set out by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova and in order to elaborate the concept of an information and awareness campaign called “Anticorruption within the Public Services Agency”, aimed at cultivating the spirit of intolerance towards the phenomenon of corruption, the Agency has planned a series of thematic seminars.

Thus, on February 4, 2020 and February 6, 2020,  seminars on  diminution of the risks of corruption in obtaining a driving license, with the participation of the representative of the National Anticorruption Center- Mr. Ion Pruteanu, interim Head of the General Directorate on Preventing Corruption, were organized within the Department of vehicle registration and drivers qualification of the Public Services Agency.

Within the events the  participants discussed aspects of ensuring institutional integrity, risks of corruption and their prevention, as well as the consequences  of corruption offenses.

Other topics that were also discussed referred to:

  • attributions and competences of the National Anticorruption Center;
  • conflict of interests and their solving;
  • improper influences concerning the traffic of influence;
  • legal regime of gifts;
  • denunciation of acts of corruption;
  • assessment of corruption risks;
  • responsibility for the integrity list.

Attention was drawn to the compliance with the provisions of the Integrity Law no. 82/2017, Law no. 133/2016 on declaration of wealth and personal interests, as well as Law no. 325/2013 on professional integrity testing .

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