The results of the activity of the Public Services Agency in 2019 and priorities for 2020

On February 6, 2020, a meeting on the results of the activity of the Public Service Agency was held, in which the report on the results  of the PSA activity in 2019 was presented to the participants  and priorities for 2020 were set.

The meeting was attended by the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, Mr. Sergiu Puscuta, the members of the executive board of the PSA and heads of the structural and territorial subdivisions of the Public Services Agency.

The meeting was opened by Mrs. Tatiana Cunetchi, Director of the PSA, who appreciated the activity of the PSA subdivisions, the consolidated efforts undertaken by the Agency’s team to carry out the activities of the institution.  She also noted the existence of some shortcomings and weaknesses in the PSA activity, which should  be removed.

In her speech the Director highlighted the achievements of the Public Services Agency in 2019 and the priorities for 2020. Mrs. Cunetchi mentioned the transformation of the PSA into a national operator for the provision of a broad spectrum of public services , both traditional institutional and electronic services, following a multidimensional path of modernization, re-engineering. and digitization. The activities carried out in 2019 were aimed at achieving the strategic objectives, being focused on the implementation of public policies and the provision of services within the areas of competence established by the Statute of the Public Services Agency:

Today, the Agency provides 437 public services, grants access to automated information systems (IRS „Acces-Web”, AIS „Statistics”, CDB „Cadastre of real estate”) through which the information from the state registers is provided (the State Register of Population, State Register of Juridical Persons, State Register of Vehicles, State Register of Drivers, Real Estate Register), etc.

The executive board of the PSA focused on the aspects of the priorities aimed at improving the activity of the Public Services Agency, respectively the image of the PSA, and increasing the degree of confidence of the citizens, which are to be fulfilled via particular actions aimed at:

  • raising the level of responsibility of all employees in order to streamline the process of providing public services;
  • improving the mechanism of the ‘single window’ when providing public services;
  • re-engineering and digitizing public services in order to streamline the operational processes;
  • ensuring the protection of personal information and data, according to the requirements of the legislation in force;
  • developing state information systems and resources within the areas of competence;
  • developing the network of multifunctional centres by focusing on the citizens’ needs and requirements;
  • combating the phenomenon of corruption through concrete anti-corruption measures, repressing deviant behaviours, as well as instituting good practices;
  • raising the level of citizens’ satisfaction through the quality of provided services.

During the meeting the heads of the structural subdivisions informed about the activity results of the subordinate departments in the following areas:

  • registration of the population;
  • registration of vehicles and qualification of drivers;
  • the cadastral  sphere;
  • registration and licensing of legal entities ;
  • information technologies;
  • management of the system that ensures  the process of services provision.

At the end of the meeting Mr. S. Puscuta, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance appreciated the activity of the PSA and  expressed his belief that the institution’s team will succeed in carrying out the modernization projects of  services provision and will ensure a high level of the institution’s activity. At the same time, Mr. Puscuta brought into focus a series of shortcomings related to the activity of the Public Services Agency and urged the PSA representatives to make every effort to remove them.

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