The measures taken by the Public Services Agency in order to prevent the spread of the epidemic of the COVID-19 virus

In the context of the actions taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus (2019-nCoV), in order to ensure health and comply with the Decision no. 6 of 10.03.2020 of the National Extraordinary Public Health Commission regarding the evolution of the epidemiological situation of COVID-19 infection, the Public Services Agency presents some recommendations to people applying for public services provided by the territorial and structural subdivisions of the PSA:

  • keep a distance of at least 2-3 m from other people,  use disposable paper napkins when coughing and/or sneezing, use disposable gloves and/or medical masks, if necessary;
  • access the official web-site of the PSA to maximally solve the problems of applicants in the field of the PSA services provision by remote access, and namely:
    • consultations by phone, e-mail, the PSA site;
    • preregistration at any Multifunctional Center of the PSA using the Information System „Electronic Preregistration” via the official website of the Public Services Agency or by phone by calling the Multifunctional centers at the contact numbers displayed in the section „Useful Information /Territorial Subdivisions” or via Call-center by dialing 14 909, (+373 22) 25-70-70;
    • on-line payment for the services provided by the PSA via the Governmental Service for Electronic Payments (Mpay) (the payment is made with a bank card or via Internet Banking);
    • orders for electronic services.

At the same time, in order to prevent the cases of  COVID-19 virus contamination, the Public Services Agency takes all the necessary protective measures  to prevent the spreading of the infection:

  • all the Multifunctional Centers and territorial subdivisions of the PSA are provided with hand sanitizers and protective masks, which will be offered to persons suspected of acute respiratory infections at the entrance to the territorial subdivision:
  • the employees of the PSA will urge the persons with symptoms characteristic of this virus  to leave the office in order to avoid the spread of the epidemic and will register their visits for another date.  

Detailed information about the services provided by the Public Services Agency, the list of required documents, terms, tariffs and facilities, as well as the pre-registration can be found on the website of the institution: or via Call-center by dialing 14909, (+373) 022-25-70-70.

For additional information on prevention and prophylaxy of cases of COVID-19 virus infection, call the „green line” of the National Agency for Public Health 0800 12300 or visit the website of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection


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