Renovation and development of the PSA Call Center

In order to optimize the process of providing information to citizens by means of personal interaction with the operators of a Single Call Center of the Public Services Agency and in connection with the essential increase of call flows, this June the PSA completed the implementation of the “Renovation and development of the Call Center of the Public Services Agency” project to increase the efficiency of the Call Center.

Therefore, the Call Center was transferred to a new office; the workplaces for the operators were equipped with necessary furniture, facilities and modern technical equipment. Int should be mentioned that all telephone conversations are recorded.

Please note that the Call Center of the Public Services Agency was created in 2005 withinthe SE „CSIR „Registru” with a staff of 8 specialists-consultants. As a result of the reorganizations the number of operators reached 14 persons.

The Call Center has the following main functions:

  • provision of consulting services through the telephone network,
  • online consultation through the Agency's official website and social networks,
  • pre-registration for visiting a structural subdivision of the PSA;
  • registration of orders for electronic services,
  • filling in the “Frequently Asked Questions” section on the website of the PSA.

Since the modernization of the PSA Call Center the rate of answered calls has increased to approximately 70% of all requests received daily.

It is worth mentioning that the first week of the activity of the renovated Call Center is at a transitional stage and we are sure that the indicators of the answered will be increasing.

We remind you that the information support of the Call Center is offered through the telephone network at the contact number 14909 (022 257070), as well as on the official page of the Institution

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