The service of conducting tests for obtaining a driving licence is provided again

Yesterday, 03.06.2020, the Public Services Agency resumed the provision of service of conducting the theoretical and practical tests to obtain the right to drive a vehicle.

We remind you that the examination services are provided only on the basis of pre-registration on the official website of the institution, calling the Call Center at 14909 or the contact numbers of the territorial subdivisions for vehicle registration and driver qualification.

It should be noted that in order to streamline the flows, improve and create optimal conditions in the process of practical exam, the "testing ground" and "road traffic" tests are divided at the stage of pre-registration. Thus, the applicant, who successfully takes the "testing ground" practical test, passes the same day the second stage of the practical exam – the "road traffic" test. But in case the applicant fails the "road traffic" stage, he/she has the possibility to re-register only for the respective test of the practical exam, avoiding the "testing ground" test.

We would like to point out that the exams are carried out in strict compliance with the norms of protection against COVID-19 infection and prevention of its spread:

  • mandatory wearing of protective masks and gloves;
  • observance of the requirement to keep a distance of 1-1.5 m between people at the theoretical test and wearing of visors by the staff of examiners at the practical test;
  • when passing the practical exam two persons shall be present in the vehicle: the examiner and the candidate;
  • provision of the examination offices/vehicles with hand sanitizer dispensers;
  • monitoring of the candidates’ health (performing thermometry);
  • ventilation of rooms/vehicles and cleaning of surfaces with disinfectant products after each examination process/tour, etc.

On 03.06.2020 the theoretical test was conducted for 197 applicants, and the practical test was carried out for 378 applicants.

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