September 19 and 21 – days off for PSA employees from Criuleni and Riscani

On the occasion of the Dedication day of Criuleni and Riscani on September 19 and, respectively, September 21, the Public Services Agency brings the warmest congratulations, health and joy to all residents and guests of these two towns.

It should be mentioned, that for the employees within the territorial subdivisions of the Public Services Agency from Criuleni and Riscani, the day of September 19 and, respectively, the day of September 21 are declared rest days.

Detailed information about the services provided by the Public Services Agency, the list of required documents, terms, tariffs and facilities, as well as the pre-registration can be found on the  website of the institution: (national calls) or by dialing 14909 and (+373) 022-25-70-70 (international calls).

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