Editing, approving of advertising texts

Editing, approving of advertising texts

The service is provided to legal/natural persons - advertising providers to ensure maximum linguistic correctness (orthography, terminology, grammar, syntax and stylistics) of texts with advertising messages.

For coordination of advertising texts, the applicant (natural or legal person) submits an application, of the established form, to the Division of terminology and linguistic services or online, at the electronic address: terminologie@asp.gov.md, requesting the coordination of the advertising text, presenting the image/layout with the advertising text. The Division receives, examines, edits and issues/sends to the applicant an approval certificateof the advertising text.

Normative documents that regulate the provision of the service: Law no. 1227/2017 on advertising; Order of the Public Services Agency no. 1 of 19.07.2017, with subsequent amendments.

The service is provided, upon request, for a fee (40 MDL per one text).

Public Services Agency
Chisinau mun., 42 Aleksandr Pushkin Street