Normative acts of the Government

Decision of the Parliament no. 1377-XII/1993 on the Transmission of the Materials to the Investigative Bodies
Government Decision no. 329/2012 regarding the Governmental Electronic Payment Service
Government Decision no. 710/2011 on the Approval of the Strategic Program for Governance Technological Modernization (e-Transformation)
Government Decision no. 786/2017 on Obtaining Citizenship by Investment
Government Decision no. 738/2008 on Approval of Nomenclature and Fees for Services Provided by Civil Status Service and Offices, and Approval of Regulation regarding the Procedure for Formation and Directions of the Special Means
Government Decision no. 258/2009 on Simplification of the Newborn Children Registration Procedure
Decision no. 558/2007 regarding the Approval of the Single Models of Standard Forms of Civil Status Acts.
Decision no. 757/2006 on the Approval of the Single Model of Forms of the Civil Status Certificates
Decision no. 314/2017 on the Establishment of the Public Services Agency
Decision no. 210/2014 on Providing Benefits in the Issuance of the Identity Documents
Decision no. 88/2014 on the Implementation of the Registration Plates for Public Passenger Vehicle
Decision no. 841/2013 on the Implementation of the Electronic Identity Card
Decision no. 125/2013 on the Approval of Regulation regarding the Issuance of Identity Documents and Population Registration of the Republic of Moldova
Decision no. 522/2019 on the Samples of the Identity Documents of the National Passport System
Decision no. 770/2012 on the approval and Implementation of the New Type Registration Certificate and Provisional Registration Certificate for Vehicles
Decision no. 1123/2010 on the approval of the Requirements on Ensuring the Protection of Personal Data upon its Processing in Personal Data Information Systems
Decision no. 389/2010 on the approval of the Regulation on the Organization and Functioning of the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications, its Structure and the Maximum Number of Personnel in its Central Office
Decision no. 317/2010 on the approval of the Action Plan for Ensuring the Biometric Passport Issuance
Decision no. 1127/2008 on the approval of Samples of the Driving Licenses of New Type
Decision no. 125/2008 on the Implementation of the Passports and other Travel Documents Containing Additional Biometric Data
Decision no. 1452/2007 for the approval of the Regulation on Driving License, Organization and Conduct of the Driving License Examination and the Conditions of Admission to Road Traffic
Decision no. 1401/2007 on the approval of the Concept of the Informational Integrated Automatic System “Migration and Asylum”
Decision no. 844/2007 on the approval of the Concept of Integrated System of electronic documents circulation
Decision no. 21/2003 on Establishing the Expiry Date of Old Type Identity Documents
Decision no. 1058/2002 on the Creation of the Automated Information System “State Register of Drivers”


Public Services Agency
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