Trade Union Federation Statute


Article 1. The primary trade union organization of the Public Services Agency (hereinafter Trade Union) is an association constituted by the free manifestation of the individuals’ will, united under the common professional interests, in order to achieve common goals determined by this Statute.

Article 2. The trade union is a legal entity; it has a stamp, seals and letterhead paper, logo and other symbols, bank accounts. The trade union is the rights successor of the IT “Registru” trade union. The working time of the Trade Union is indefinite.

Article 3. In its activity, the Trade Union is guided by the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova, the Law of the Trade Unions (no.1129-XIV of 07.07.2000), the Labor Code (code no.154 of 28.03.2003) and other normative acts, as well as the international ones to which the Republic of Moldova is Part and this Statute.

Article 4. The trade union is independent of political parties, public authorities, employers' and their organizations, is not subject to their control. At the same time, it does not support any political party, electoral bloc or candidate for any position within the public authorities and does not use any income or property to finance them.

Article 5. The reciprocal relations of the Trade Union with the social partners are based on the principles of equal dialogue, independence and democracy…

Download: Primary Trade Union Organization Statute of the Public Services Agency

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