The PSA provides clarifications to the changes made to the Nomenclature of the services provided by the Agency

In the context of publicly available information on change in tariffs for the services provided by the Public Services Agency, we communicate that the draft Government Decision on services provided by the Public Services Agency was drawn up by the State Chancellery jointly with the PSA, under the Action Plan of the Government for the years 2020-2023 (point 1.18.1), approved by the Government Decision no. 636/2019.

The Government Decision on the services provided by the Public Services Agency was approved on 22 December 2020 under the number 966 and published in the Official Gazette on 31 December 2020. By that Decision, the Methodology for calculating the tariffs of the provided services, the Nomenclature of the provided services and their tariffs, as well as the categories of services provided by the PSA with benefits or free of charge was approved.

The Government Decision ensures a unified approach to improve the public services, an efficient, open and transparent mechanism in setting reasonable tariffs for the rendered services. It provides for tariff adjustment by applying a Unified Methodology for all groups of services rendered by the PSA, based on estimation and coverage of expenses related to the service provision process, but at the same time it imposes upon the PSA the obligation to cover all the expenses related to the services provided with benefits or free of charge.

Please note that the tariffs for the services provided by the PSA have not undergone changes during the previous years against the background of the growth of the economic and financial indices in the republic. For example, the last revision of tariffs for the cadastral services took place in 2006. We have noticed that the tariffs for some cadastral services have increased, but an important factor in the updated Nomenclature is the maintenance of tariffs for the main services provided by the PSA, despite the fact that these tariffs do not represent the actual expenses of the Agency and are below the cost (for example, the issuance of the identity documents). In general, an increase in tariffs was observed for the services provided on an expedited basis, the delivery period being reduced. Furthermore, the tariffs for the services provided within a standard delivery period remain unchanged, thus giving the applicant the possibility to choose the service.

The basic social services provided to individuals will remain free of charge. Thus, for example, the registration of birth, death, the issuance of the first identity card of the citizen of the Republic of Moldova, the determination of the person's belonging to the citizenship of the Republic of Moldova, etc. shall be carried out free of charge. At the same time, the provision of certain free services for people with disabilities, children left without parental care, war veterans, victims of trafficking, people under public charge, voluntary blood donors, etc. (services in the field of civil status, issuance of identity documents and population records, qualification of drivers and vehicle registration, provision of information from the state information resources, etc.) are included in the Nomenclature.

The approved Nomenclature provides for a 50 % discount for cadastral services (registration of the mortgage for two and more agricultural lands, record of the lease of two and more agricultural lands of the same owner, the service shall be provided at a 50% discount from the established tariff, within the maximum delivery period established for the provision of the respective service, the selective primary registration of ownership of real estate located in rural areas, the registration (selective primary and current) of ownership based on the inheritance certificate).

It should be mentioned that, according to the provisions of the Government Decision no. 314/2017 on the establishment of the PSA, the Agency is a public (non-profit) institution and operates on a self-financing basis. The application of tariffs established by the Government Decision no. 966/2020 will not generate profits for the PSA, and in case of a profit registration in the balance sheet, it shall become revenue to the state budget, according to the provisions of Government Decision no. 314/2017. In this context, it should be pointed out that in case of keeping the old tariffs, the PSA is risking substantial financial losses, which could affect its activity and the possibility of the Agency to self-finance, which inevitably might have result in the state subsidization of the PSA activities, based on the fact that it is a government-funded institution.

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