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Land Registration and Property Valuation Project

This page contains information on the Land Registration and Property Valuation Project  activities (LRPVP), the overall goal of which is to ensure the quality and transparency of land management in the Republic of Moldova via the registration of immovable public and private property, and the valuation of real estate. The LRPVP will be carried out between 2019 and 2023 on the basis of the Financing Agreement between the Republic of Moldova and the International Development Association, signed on September 17, 2018 and ratified by the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova on  November 8, 2018 (Law nr. 240 of 08.11.2018).

 The Public Services Agency, as the Project Implementing Agency, will ensure its realization in partnership with the Local Public Authorities and the support of the Public Property Agency (on the Delimitation and Registration of Immovable Public Property component) and the Agency for Land Relations and Cadastre (on the Real Estate Valuation component and the Consolidation of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure сomponent).

 The LRPVP supports the implementation of the State Program on the creation of the real estate cadastre, launched in 1998, aiming at finalizing the real estate cadastre throughout the country, ensuring the map-making of 100% of the land and the registration of ownership rights thereon.